Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is known for its large size. This breed lion-like looking and powerful dog breed. The distinctive look is as a result of the dense fur close its face that appears sort of a lion’s mane and features a similar golden-brown color. This breed comes in 5 colors – red, black, cream, cinnamon, and blue. Aside from attention-getting look. Chow chows square measure celebrated for there skills in protection and searching.

The most distinguishable physical feature of the chow is its black-blue tongue. This coloration is incredibly distinctive among dogs. not like different dogs, chow chows even have terribly straight hind legs.

Chow chow dogs square measure freelance and stubborn. It’s an awfully dominant breed. A well-trained chow might be an excellent family dog. This breed is good with other pets.

This breed is an originally Chinese breed and now found everywhere the planet. It’s a superb searching and watchdog and desires vigorous activity to stay it engaged. They’re intelligent, freelance and rigorous dog breed. One of the cutest and exquisite dog breeds.

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