Icelandic sheepdogs

This recent and enticing breed was introduced in Iceland and since then has flourished in Iceland. For several centuries, Icelandic dogs facilitate them to guard their lambs. This lovely dog breed contains a thick coat of fur like different dogs from the icy regions on this list and also the coat is its most engaging feature.

Their coat comes in each long and short kind. The thick coat helps them to survive in extreme weather condition. The color could also be brown, white, golden, black and red.

Icelandic sheepdogs shed their coat double a year and need regular grooming to stay it healthy. They’re terribly friendly and dependable. This dog has a powerful protecting instinct towards the family as a result of they need to be been bred as sheepdogs.

This watchful breed conjointly has been delineated on their native Iceland. They’re conjointly terribly alert and roguish.

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