Miniature schnauzer

Miniature schnauzer could be a tiny stunning dog breed that legendary for its distinguishable whiskers and coat. It’s a thick coat created from 2 layers – the outer coat is tough and long whereas the inner coat is shorter and soft. The sweetness of schnauzer dog is delineated by its long fur on the legs, bushy eyebrows and beard. They’re extraordinarily loyal, caring, intelligent, mischievous and alert.

Its coat comes in several colors as well as black, white, silver and salt and pepper. If you have got a schnauzer dog you would like to comb its coat daily to stay in good shape.

Miniature schnauzer is the best choice for the family dog. They’re protecting and suspicious of strangers. This mischievous dog additionally gets on well with kids.

It needs regular grooming to stay the coat shining however since this dog likes to be indoor, it doesn’t want an excessive amount of exercise. It’s an ideal Canis familiaris.

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