7 Good Reasons To Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle

1. You won’t get sick as often If you find yourself catching a cold very often or generally have problems with your health quite a lot – eating better might benefit you in a very real way. See, the thing is, when you eat a varied and balanced diet you get more antioxidants and therefore […]

11 Essential Tips to Become More Self-Assured

1. Instead of focusing on negative self talk and gossip about others, focus on uplifting yourself and other. Think about your plans for the future and focus on the positive – that ambition will help propel you forward, while negative thoughts will keep you stagnant and insecure.

14 Reasons Women Are Getting Married Less And Less

It’s 2018 and less women than ever are getting married. Don’t feel sorry for us – we’re busy being amazing at self-care and getting degrees, and breaking the glass ceiling. Here are the top reasons why more women aren’t getting hitched, nowadays. 1. If their dude has a smaller checking account than them. Why drain […]

6 Scientific Reasons to Start Meditating Today

1. Decrease Stress, Anxiety, Depression Unless you’re Amish or you live in a small village in the mountains or on a deserted island, you probably feel stressed a lot of the time. And stress is not good for you. Not only does it mess with you mentally, but it’s a huge contributor to a lot […]

6 Ways to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

1. Eye Contact A lot of girls feel shy around guys they like, whether they’ve known them for a while or it’s a handsome stranger they’ve seen across the bar. They tend to look away, as soon as their crush looks at them. That sends the wrong message. Instead, try to make eye-contact. If it’s […]